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Homelessness + vacant property = making a positive out of two negatives


What is


PROJECT BASECAMP is our charity arm.

We met an ex-soldier who was sleeping in a tent, waiting to be housed by the council. He’d been there for five weeks! This made us realise that we had the means to help him, and anyone who found themselves homeless.

​Using vacant property, we have adapted our business model to provide a customised housing solution for homeless people who fall outside the threshold for priority support.  We are not a short-term landlord.

Using fully regulated vacant council and private sector property, we’re proud to be providing a fully regulated safe and stable environment from where many of society’s most disadvantaged people are & have been able to get themselves back on their feet.

is a social value initiative.

Once housed, we provide personal and vocational skills training to help people get back into employment – significantly lowering public domain expenditure, and dramatically reducing the time it takes to get individuals back into permanent housing.

We set and maintain high standards that reflect positively on property owners. So, by collaborating with the PROJECT BASECAMP initiative, landlords can help to deliver real results for people in need, enhancing their social value strategy from day one.

​For the public sector, PROJECT BASECAMP reduces housing costs and staff workload. Early intervention provides a real solution for homeless people, and future savings for local authorities and housing organisations.

“We have seen the demands for planning conditions and obligations reduced because the community and local government can see participating developers are making a verifiable, valuable contribution to the public good in a given geographical area.

In future projects, 100% of our developer stakeholders say they would employ Project Basecamp again”.

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