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How to Become A Squatter in the UK?

How to become a squatter in the uk?

Have you ever considered embracing a rent-free lifestyle, living in spacious, expensive properties, and hosting unforgettable parties without worrying about tomorrow?

Surprisingly, becoming a squatter in the UK is easier and more affordable than you might think!

To embark on this unconventional adventure, you'll need a few essentials: a crowbar (£20), a door lock (£15), a "legal warning note" (downloadable for free), and, for those aiming for pro status, an over 100-page Squatters Handbook (£5). With these tools, your journey can kick off for less than £50!

Once equipped, the next step is to identify a suitable vacant non-residential property with "open doors", eliminating the need for the crowbar to avoid any potential criminal damage... Upon entering, changing the locks is a simple task easily learned through online tutorials on platforms like YouTube. Don't forget to prominently display the Legal Warning Act 144, signaling to the landlord that you're well aware of your rights, and any attempts to evict you will be time-consuming and costly (£7000+).

Section 144 legal warning note pasted onto a door in London.

With all the necessary steps completed, it's time to revel in your newfound space. Invite friends, make new acquaintances, and indulge in a carefree lifestyle. After all, you won't be there forever, so why not make the most of it?

If the police are called, remember you're not obligated to let them in. By withholding your name, you shift the burden of eviction costs, bills, and taxes onto the landlord. Should the landlord decide to reclaim the property, they must initiate a costly and time-consuming possession claim in the High Court. Meanwhile, you're free to enjoy the space as you please, turning their property into your own personal playground.

A vacant property in London that has been squatted, featuring a messy living space with vandalised walls.

It's important to clarify that this article does not intend to promote unethical or illegal activities. Rather, it sheds light on the ease with which vacant properties can be accessed and the considerable challenges landlords face when attempting to evict squatters.

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